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序号 论文题目 刊物名称 检索类别
1 A Simplified Approach to Estimate the Urban Expressway Capacity after Traffic Accidents Using a Micro-Simulation Model advance in mechanical engineering SCI
2 Land subsidence caused by internal soil erosion owing to pumping confined aquifer groundwater during the deep foundation construction in Shanghai Natural Hazards SCI
3 A mechanistic test to evaluate effects of interface condition characteristics on hot-mix asphalt overlay reflective cracking performance ROAD MATERIALS AND PAVEMENT DESIGN SCI
4 A Sensor-driven structural health prognosis procedure considering sensor degradation Structure and Infrastructure Engineering SCI
5 Alternative route strategy for emergency traffic management based on ITS: a case study of Xi'an Ming City Wall/Strategija alternativnog pravca za interventno upravljanje prometom temeljena na ITS: Studija slucaja gradskih zidina Xi'an Minga TEHNICKI VJESNIK-TECHNICAL GAZETTE SCI
6 An investigation of mechanical behavior of cement-stabilized crushed rock material using different compaction methods Construction and Building Materials SCI
7 Analysis on fatigue crack growth laws for crumb rubber modified (CRM) asphalt mixture Construction and Building Materials SCI
8 Application of Asphalt Mixture Shear Strength to Evaluate Pavement Rutting with Accelerated Loading Construction and Building Materials SCI
9 Buckling strength of slender circular tubular steel braces strengthened by CFRP Engineering Structures SCI
10 Cost-benefit timing for applying slurry seal on actual roadway tests in China Journal of Central South University SCI
11 Curing behavior and dielectric properties of aminofunctionalized POSS/cyanate ester resin hybrids High Performance Polymers SCI
12 Development of a Composite Specimen Interface Cracking (CSIC) Test for Top-Down Cracking Journal of Testing and Evaluation SCI
13 Development of a test method for evaluation and quantification of healing in asphalt mixture Road Materials and Pavement Design SCI
14 Effect of different fillers on performance properties of asphalt emulsion mixture Journal of Testing and Evaluation SCI
15 Effect of Temperature and Frequency on Visco-elastic Dynamic Response of Asphalt Mixture Journal of Testing and Evaluation SCI
16 Effects of an Asphalt Rubber Membrane Interlayer on Pavement Reflective Cracking Performance JOURNAL OF MATERIALS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING SCI
17 Effects of physio-chemical factors on asphalt aging behavior Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering SCI
18 Fatal motor vehicle crashes on road segments in Harbin, China: combining rates into contributory factors TRANSPORT SCI
19 Fatigue Evaluation of a Strengthened Steel Truss Bridge Structural Engineering International SCI
20 Impact of stretching-segment on saturated flow rate of signalized intersection using cellular automation Journal of Central South University SCI
21 Mode shift behavior impacts from the introduction of metro service: Case study of Xi’an, China Journal of Urban Planning and Development SCI
22 Operating speed based alignment consistency evaluation using driving simulator: case studies from Taigan freeway in Jiangxi, China PROMET – TRAFFIC & TRANSPORTATION SCI
23 Organic Montmorillonite Modified Asphalt Materials: Preparation and Characterization Journal of Testing and Evaluation SCI
24 Pavement Properties of Asphalt Modified With Packaging-Waste Polyethylene JOURNAL OF VINYL & ADDITIVE TECHNOLOGY SCI
25 Preparation of composite shape-stabilized phase change materials for highway pavements Construction and Building Materials SCI
26 Probability of Overturning for Vehicles Moving on a Bridge Deck in a Wind Environment Considering Stochastic Process Characteristics of Excitations Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities SCI
27 Study of aggregate gradations in foamed bitumen mixes Road Materials and Pavement Design SCI
28 Study of Modal Shifts to Bus Rapid Transit in Chinese Cities JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING-ASCE SCI
29 Study on the rubber-modified asphalt mixtures’ cracking propagation using the extended finite element method Construction and Building Materials SCI
30 The effects of crosslink density on thermo-mechanical properties of shape-memory hydro-epoxy resin Journal of materials research SCI
31 Application of Nonlinear Differential Dynamic Model to Evaluate Long-Term Aging Behavior of SBS Modified Asphalt Advanced Materials Research EI
32 Health Monitoring of Concrete Bridges and Vehicle Loads Correlation Analysis Based on Acoustic Emission International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology EI
33 Key Design and Construction Techniques for Collisionproof Steel Cofferdam for Large Span Cable-Stayed Bridge Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
34 A Review of Research Situation on Shield Tunnel Diseases Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
35 Analysis of Performance Decay Behavior for Asphalt Pavement based on aging Advanced Materials Research EI
36 Analysis on Construction Control of Continuous Rigid Frame Bridge in Winter Intermission Advanced Materials Research EI
37 Analysis on the Bearing Capacity of Old Highway Bridge in Heavy Hilly Areas applied mechanics and materials EI
38 Analysis on the Capacity of Old Highway Bridge Advanced Materials Research EI
39 Analysis on the settlement characteristics of lateral displacement on the soft-soil road bed Multimodal Approach to Sustained Transportation System Development EI
40 Application on Grillage Method in Box Girder Bridges Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
41 Assessment of Risks During Large-Span Steel Truss Arch Bridge Construction Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
42 Calculation and Analysis on Flexural Strengthening with CFRP Laminate Considering the Preexisting Strain Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
43 Centrifugal model experimental study on natural foundation of immersed tube tunnel Modeling and computation in engineering 2 EI
44 Control criteria for differential settlement of widened road 岩土工程学报 EI
45 Determination of the production temperature of warm mix asphalt by workability test Construction and Building Materials EI
46 Discussion on the Characters and Problems of the Slow Traffic System for the Technological Development Zone Advanced Materials Research EI
47 Evaluation of permanent deformation models in asphalt mixture overlays for hot climates Advanced Materials Research EI
48 Evaluation of Regional Anti-disaster Ability of Highway Natural disasters Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
49 Fatigue Safety Monitoring and Fatigue Life Evaluation for Existing Concrete Bridges Proceeding of the 13th International Conference on Fracture EI
50 Fatigue Strength and Fatigue Life Evaluation of National Cultural Relic Steel Bridges Proceeding of the 13th International Conference on Fracture EI
51 Fracture Behavior of Asphalt Pavement with Cracked Base Course under Low Temperature Int. J. Pavement Res. Technol. EI
52 Fuzzy Comprehensive Eveluation for Dampers of Inclined Cables ISCEMP2013 EI
53 Image-based Method for Concrete Bridge Crack Detection Journal of Information & Computational Science EI
54 Impact Analysis on Construction Control of Pre-Camber for Long-Span Continuous Rigid Frame Bridge in Winter Intermission applied mechanics and materials EI
55 Influence Analysis of Parameters Variation on Dynamic Characteristic for Concrete Filled Steel Tubulur Arch Bridge Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
56 Influence factors analysis of GFC piles treatment in highway soft foundation settlement 3rd International Conference on Civil Engineering and Transportation,ICCET 2013 EI
57 Influence of Activity of Waste Slag Powder on Slag Cement Strength Green Building Technologies and Materials Ⅱ EI
58 Intersectionand Passageway Designs of Urban Agglomeration Connection Road CEABM论文集 EI
59 Investigation and Analysis on Transverse Crack Spacing Distribution in Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement in China Advanced Materials Research EI
60 Key technique on the process control for construction of hohhot circle expressway asphalt pavements Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
61 Method of calculating the threshold for driving fatigue Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology EI
62 Mix Design and Road Performance of Strong Interlocked Skeleton Close-Grained Lime-Flyash Stabilized Aggregate Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
63 Moving load identification based on vehicle-bridge coupling vibration theory 中国公路学报 EI
64 Noise evaluation of concrete pavement Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
65 NSGA-II based traffic signal control optimization algorithm for over-saturated intersection group Journal of Southeast University(English Edition) EI
66 Pavement maintenance decision support system with Web-GIS integrated Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
67 Pavement performance prediction model based on Weibull distribution Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
68 Pool level analysis of highway loess dam embankment Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering EI
69 POSS/聚合物杂化材料应用的研究进展 高分子材料科学与工程 EI
70 Preferred Selection on Strengthening Schemes of Arch Bridge Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Method Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
71 Refinement Analysis and Dynamic Visualization of Traffic-bridge Coupling Vibration System 中国公路学报 EI
72 Reliability analysis of continuous steel truss bridge stiffened with rigid cables based on stochastic finite element method Advanced Materials Research EI
73 Reliability Index Study of Asphalt Pavement Construction Based on Analytical Hierarchy Process Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
74 Research on countermeasure of water gushing with collapse in process of Wushaoling highway tunnel crossing F4 fault fracture zone 岩石力学与工程学报 EI
75 Research on High-Pressure Chemical Churning Pile in Loess Tunnel Foundation Reinforcement 2013 Fourth International Conference on Digital Manufacturing & Automation EI
76 Research on interaction between asphalt and filler based on DSR test Advanced Materials Research EI
77 Research on mechanism of large deformation and countermeasures of surrounding rocks of tunnel through coal strata 岩石力学与工程学报 EI
78 Research on rolling stone damage of slope and protective technique Zhongguo Gonglu Xuebao EI
79 Research on Simplifying the buffeting response spectrum of Suspension Bridge Advanced Materials Research EI
80 Research on the aerodynamic measures impact on flutter stability of steel truss suspension bridge Advanced Materials Research EI
81 Research on the Effect of Geocell in Slope Reinforcement Using Anti-Slide Pile with Geocell 2013 Fourth International Conference on Digital Manufacturing & Automation EI
82 Research status and prospect of bridge structure damage identification Journal of Chang’an University (Natural Science Edition), EI
83 Response mechanism for widened pavement structure subjected to ground differential settlement Journal of Southeast University EI
84 Review of traffic signal control under over-saturated conditions 交通运输工程学报 EI
85 Risk Identification for Collapse of Tunnel During Construction and the Countermeasures 2013 Fourth International Conference on Digital Manufacturing & Automation EI
86 Road performance of asphalt binder modified with natural rock asphalt Advanced Materials Research EI
87 Seismic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Rib Arch Bridge Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
88 Settlement Analysis for Embedded Foundation Resting on Non-homogeneous Subgrade Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
89 Shanxi highway earthquake disaster risk division based on GIS Applied Mechanics and Materials(会议,2013济南) EI
90 Study and Application of Permeability Formwork to Marine Concrete Civil Engineering, Architecture and Sustainable Infrastructure II EI
91 Study of strong interlocked skeleton dense gradation for cement-stabilized macadam Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
92 Study of thermal conductivity and salt-heaving law of coast chlorine saline soil under multiple freezing and thawing cycles Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research EI
93 Study on Anti-Slide Pile Spacing in Slope Reinforcement Using Anti-Slide Pile with Geocell and Influencing Factors 2013 Fourth International Conference on Digital Manufacturing & Automation EI
94 Study on connection of rail transit and bicycle traffic-a case study of xian metro line 2 Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
95 Study On New Treatment Technology of Subgrade Longitudinal Crack In Qinghai-tibet Highway TTP,Advanced Material Research贵阳 EI
96 Study on Preparation Experimental about High-permeability layer-penetration oil Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
97 Study on properties of plate performance of black substratum cement concrete pavement Advanced Materials Research EI
98 Study on quality evaluation system for arterial highways based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
99 Study on the Applicability of Grading Speed Limit Programs in the Highway Construction Operation Zone Applied Mechanics and Materials ICCEASI2013 EI
100 Study on traffic impact assessment of urban road construction projects CEABM2013 EI
101 Study on Transverse Synchronization Control for Super-Breadth and Long-Span Basket Handle Arch Bridge when Vertically Rotating Civil Engineering, Architecture and Sustainable Infrastructure II EI
102 Test Analysis of Shear Performance on Young-old Concrete Interface between Bonded Rebar and Groove Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
103 The analysis of transfer information demands of public transports Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
104 The application of detection technology in pipe jacking construction ICPTT 2013: Trenchless Technology EI
105 The Bench Method Numerical Simulation of Soft Rock Tunnel Applied Mechanics and Materials EI
106 The effect of the filling caves on Loess slope stability in irrigation Advanced Materials Research EI
107 The evaluation of the traffic impact of highways’reconstruction and extension on area highway network CEABM2013 EI
108 The Interface Bonding Performance Experiment Analysis of Slag Base Cement Concrete Pavement Repair Material TTP,Advanced Material Research台北 EI
109 Topology Characteristic of Hub-and-Spoke Transportation Network Applied Mechannics and Meterials EI
110 Track-oriented urban traffic analysis based on network accessibility International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics EI
111 Urban rail transit financial subsidy decision based on information fusion CEABM2013 EI
112 Urban Regional Traffic State Analysis Software System Emphasizing Pattern Transition JOURNAL OF SOFTWARE EI
113 凹形竖曲线路段防眩板高度计算方法 交通运输工程学报 EI
114 不同型式抗滑桩对某滑坡治理的有限元模拟分析 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报(自然科学版) EI
115 差异沉降对路面结构附加变形影响的大比尺模型试验 中国公路学报 EI
116 差异沉降条件下黄土拓宽路基协调机制模型试验研究 岩石力学与工程学报 EI
117 超大跨径CFRP缆索悬索桥静力性能 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报(自然科学版) EI
118 城市居住区停车配建标准研究 中国公路学报 EI
119 低碳多功能电气石改性沥青制备及性能研究 中国公路学报 EI
120 冻融速度对冻融黄土物理力学性质的影响 交通运输工程学报 EI
121 冻融循环次数对黄土路用性能影响规律的试验 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报(自然科学版) EI
122 盾构隧道壁后注浆浆液毛细管渗透扩散模型 西南交通大学学报 EI
123 盾构隧道壁后注浆浆液时变半球面扩散模型 同济大学学报(自然科学版) EI
124 盾构隧道同步注浆充填压力环向分布模型 岩土工程学报 EI
125 盾构隧道粘度时变性浆液壁后注浆渗透扩散模型 中国公路学报 EI
126 多孔沥青混合料的空隙堵塞试验研究 建筑材料学报 EI
127 钢波纹管涵洞受力与变形特性模拟试验研究 岩土工程学报 EI
128 钢桁架悬索桥颤振稳定性能研究 振动与冲击 EI
129 钢-混凝土组合梁的温度骤变效应 交通运输工程学报 EI
130 钢筋混凝土桥面板疲劳寿命评估 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报(自然科学版) EI
131 钢桥面复合铺装结构的大比例模型试验 同济大学学报(自然科学版) EI
132 高墩连续刚构桥纵向振动基频的能量法计算公式 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报(自然科学版) EI
133 高速公路路基差异沉降标准 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报(自然科学版) EI
134 高速公路施工区限速标志位置确定方法 交通运输工程学报 EI
135 公路隧道运行环境安全评价指标与方法 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报自然科学版 EI
136 公路网均衡规模确定方法 交通运输工程学报 EI
137 合资铁路运输委托管理激励兼容机制模型 交通运输系统工程与信息 EI
138 基于RS-GIS的喀斯特地区公路生态选线 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报(自然科学版) EI
139 基于动态老化过程的沥青抗老化性能对比研究 建筑材料学报 EI
140 基于傅立叶导热定律的沥青混合料热传导试验 交通运输工程学报 EI
141 基于改进Sarma法的岩质边坡稳定性分析 交通运输工程学报 EI
142 基于含水率和温度变化的冻融黄土性能试验 中国公路学报 EI
143 基于加权法的桥梁冲击系数计算方法 交通运输工程学报 EI
144 基于降温功能的沥青路面热反射涂层性能研究 交通运输工程学报 EI
145 基于抗车辙稳定性的多孔沥青混合料级配优化 华南理工大学学报(自然科学版) EI
146 基于数理统计方法的MEPDG车辙预估模型校正 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报(自然科学版) EI
147 基于双洞效应的黄土公路隧道地层变形规律离心模型试验 四川大学学报( 工程科学版) EI
148 基于随机振动的液体黏滞阻尼器参数优化 西南交通大学学报 EI
149 基于拓宽路面附加变形的地基差异沉降控制标准 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报(自然科学版) EI
150 基于现场钻芯取样的沥青结构层抗车辙性能评价方法 中国公路学报 EI
151 基于遗传算法的SMA路面抗滑性能预测模型 应用基础与工程科学学报 EI
152 基于振动法的抗疲劳断裂水泥稳定碎石强度标准 建筑材料学报 EI
153 级配碎石动三轴试验的数值模拟方法 东南大学学报(自然科学版) EI
154 驾驶疲劳脑电图变异系数测量指标的有效性研究 北京理工大学学报 EI
155 考虑风作用的公路限速值 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报(自然科学版) EI
156 冷弯薄壁型钢-混凝土组合楼盖受弯承载力影响因素分析 建筑结构学报 EI
157 沥青混合料在冻融循环作用下的弯拉特性 吉林大学学报(工学版) EI
158 螺旋线参数对斜拉索气动性能影响的试验研究 振动与冲击 EI
159 毛细水对潮湿粉细砂强度影响的理论分析 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报(自然科学版) EI
160 桥梁高性能钢HPS485W断裂韧性试验研究 工程力学 EI
161 桥梁高性能钢HPS485W疲劳裂纹扩展速率试验研究 工程力学 EI
162 桥面火灾下多梁式混凝土T型梁桥抗火性能 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报:自然科学版 EI
163 群钉连接件推出试验及塑性分析 桥梁建设 EI
164 软弱围岩隧道锁脚锚杆受力特性及其力学计算模型 岩土工程学报 EI
165 双层摊铺热量散失规律及有效碾压时间 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报(自然科学版) EI
166 隧道洞顶围岩竖向全位移量测及变化规律研究 岩土力学 EI
167 隧道型钢钢架应力量测方法 4hu澳门新葡怎么进入学报(自然科学版) EI
168 填土面作用荷载时土工格室柔性挡墙破坏模式研究 岩土工程学报 EI
169 透水沥青路面的储水-渗透模型与效能 同济大学学报(自然科学版) EI
170 拓扑优化拉杆-压杆模型在索塔锚固区的应用 桥梁建设 EI
171 外加材料对乳化沥青冷再生混合料性能的影响 建筑材料学报 EI
172 外加材料对乳化沥青再生水泥稳定碎石混合料性能的影响 建筑材料学报 EI
173 橡胶沥青衬垫式碎石封层的粘结性能与配合比设计 建筑材料学报 EI
174 斜拉桥拱形钢塔的MTMD风振控制研究 中国铁道科学 EI
175 悬索桥线性液体黏滞阻尼器阻尼系数优化 交通运输工程学报 EI
176 岩沥青SBS复合改性沥青混合料的性能与机理 建筑材料学报 EI
177 一种基于SVM的路面影像损伤跨尺度识别方法 武汉大学(信息科学版) EI
178 远距离混凝土桥梁结构表面裂缝精确提取算法 中国公路学报 EI
179 正交异性钢桥面板足尺疲劳试验 中国公路学报 EI
180 重载水泥混凝土路面极限轴载计算方法 中国公路学报 EI
181 Comprehensive evaluation on technical economic performance and scheme optimization for asphalt mixture Advanced Materials Research ISTP